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khan kurta for ladies

Khun- Weaves of Tradition

Khun- Weaves of Tradition Khun fabric, also known as Guledgudda Khana (Khan), originated in Karnataka. Khun fabric was first used to produce cholis or blouses to complement various Ilkal sarees and farmed a unique dress habit of Karnataka's suburban ladies. Khun, also known as khan, is a fabric handwoven by traditional weavers in Guledgud and... continue reading
Traditional Wear for kids

Paithani- Pride Of Maharashtra

Paithani- Pride Of Maharashtra The traditional saree easily fits into any dress code, whether for everyday or extraordinary occasions. This isn't even its finest feature! The fact that this Indian-origin design comes in a variety of forms continues to amaze us. Almost every state, from north to south, has its form of the drape, all... continue reading
Ikkat dress for ladies

A Guide To Ikkat Handloom Dresses

A Guide To Ikkat Handloom Dresses Ikkat handloom is the newest trend in town. This cloth is exclusive to India. What makes it unique is usually the first question that comes to mind. Well. Of course, it's the tie-dye method. Unlike the other fabric, it is made from yarn-dyed yarn before being woven into the... continue reading