khan kurta for ladies

Khun- Weaves of Tradition

Khun fabric, also known as Guledgudda Khana (Khan), originated in Karnataka. Khun fabric was first used to produce cholis or blouses to complement various Ilkal sarees and farmed a unique dress habit of Karnataka’s suburban ladies. Khun, also known as khan, is a fabric handwoven by traditional weavers in Guledgud and adjacent villages, as well as in certain regions of Maharashtra.

Khun Fabrics And Dresses

With the evolution of time, the Khun weave gained popularity and is now worn by women in a variety of forms such as ready-to-wear gowns, sarees, lehenga cholis for children, blouses, and jewelry fashioned of Khun fabric. It has a unique weave with a brocade design that is nearly honeycomb-shaped. 

Nowadays, you can find several forms of embroidery on Khun Fabric, which looks lovely. Artisans weave the threads for these master fabric items using their expertise like magic. The Khun Fabric features two color tones that overlap to create this creative display.

Khun Fabric Quality

The Khun fabric is very soft and simple to wear, which is why young generations enjoy wearing it as both traditional and trendy. To adapt to the demanding textile industry, the artists have effectively introduced new designs and colors while keeping their original shape. Today, this traditional-looking cloth is fashionable not just in Karnataka, but also throughout India.

Khun: A Cotton and Silk Blend

While few historical documents assist to trace the origins of Khun, tradition claims that it was discovered in the 8th century under the Chalukya kingdom.

The fabric is mostly used in Karnataka and Maharashtra to manufacture cholis for Ilkal cotton sarees and lehengas. The colorful pallu, which is woven separately, complements the Khun blouse on the sarees.

The extra yarn woven on the warp (lengthwise threads) and weft (filler) to fitted designs on the textile is what defines Khun. The designs are mainly based on nature and local people’s daily life, and they include jowar seeds, deities, regional flora and fauna, and so forth. The waft and weft of Khun are silk and cotton, respectively.

The cloth is traditionally woven on handlooms and is 32 inches wide. As a result, there is no waste because that size is ideal for a blouse. To retain a bright uniformity, the colors employed are frequently in jewel tones. Also, in the past, the cloth would be colored near a rocky environment using mineral water. Anything colored in mineral water enhances the color. Green, purple, magenta and blue are among them.

Khun Traditional Kurta And Frocks

Women’s Khun kurta is a traditional Indian garment made of lightweight, breathable textiles like cotton, linen, and silk. This kurta design is distinguished by its long, flowing shape and is frequently decorated with intricate embroidery and beading. It’s a flexible wardrobe classic that can be dressed up or down.

Traditional Khun frocks for children are becoming a more popular option for important events and family gatherings. These classic designs are made of high-quality fabrics and decorated with beautiful embroidery, beading, and other decorative details. They are available in several shapes and colors, making them appropriate for people of all ages and body types.

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